Labor day weekend ideas – the shortcut to a great time!

With only one week away before Labor Day 2019, your To-Do list is growing, and your time is waning away making those fun End of Summer activities a chore. You’ve been wanting to entertain your guests but are feeling overwhelmed. The list goes on with all the work to do to ensure your guests are comfortable. You have all these awesome ideas but where do you start?

Start with a refresher drink – the Mojito is our favorite pick! It is easy to make, refreshing and looks great too. Lime, mint, rum, sugar and club soda and 10 minutes is all you need to fix yourself a perfect summer drink.

Wondering what to do with the meats? Choose a dry rub recipe with bold flavors and strong aromatics and rub your grilling proteins a minimum 3 hours before cooking. After you’ve given your meat a lovely deep tissue massage, let it chill in a very cold place just until you serve it. The deep chill locks in the delicious juices while the spice rub gently softens the meat. Our favorite picks for the dry rubs are cajun seasoning, mesquite seasoning and curry rub. Put these on different meats and kabobs and enjoy a healthy and tasty protein with a side of salad.

End your summer party with colorful and healthy fruit kabobs. When you mix color, consistency and flavor together, Viola! You have a dish that even the most discerning Food Critic would approve of!

So you’ve done all the work but do you want to enjoy your own party just as much as the guests? Getting some help is not a bad idea. Someone to serve that mojito, work the grill and cut/assemble those pretty fruit kabobs. A helping hand to clean up and organize your stuff. Someone to keep your sanity in check!

Get in touch with us to hire a party helper for your upcoming BBQ (limited to Central NJ at this time). We are offering a $200 special for 6 hours of help. Email so we can help you with your upcoming party.

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