How to create a great chef profile

Why profiles matter

As a chef looking to provide cooking services in someone’s home, your profile needs to position you in the best light possible. It should be welcoming so people feel comfortable enough to reach out. Cooking is a very personal experience, and there may be apprehension about having a new chef in the kitchen. That’s why your personality needs to shine through. Here’s what you need for a great profile:

  1. Choose a clean, professional profile photo: Use a photo that will make you look professional and approachable. A photo with a chef apron or jacket will be great, but if not, a clean semi-professional/professional picture will work!
  2. Share some awesome food pictures: This is one of the most powerful ways to set yourself apart. Profiles with photos get 3x response rates compared to ones without photos. 
  3. Define your service offerings: Customers need to know exactly what they are booking and how much they are paying for your service (just like what they would expect at a restaurant). Define your service offering as a package. In our experience, simply setting an hourly rate is not very helpful as customers have no idea how long you’ll take, or know what you will be making for them. A well defined package or service offering gives assurance and clarity to the customer.  
  4. Create trust: Share any information that will help build trust with customers. Your profile should showcase your cooking skills and people skills in a positive light. Having a profile photo is already a great first step, but additional info such as ServSafe certification, customer reviews etc. go a long way! We will be introducing background checks and reviews in future versions of our app, but if you’re able to build that into your profile at this time, there’s nothing like it!

Create your profile here!

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