FAQs – For Customers

1. How does the Chef Mi Casa personal chef service work?

Although we are working hard to launch our web app, we can’t wait to make things happen. Please email us directly your needs and we will connect you with chefs that match your requirements. Once we find a match, we will develop a proposal/quote for the chef’s services. If you accept the quote, we will schedule and deliver the service. Chef Mi Casa charges a 15% service fee for every transaction.

2. What are the types of chefs I can find on Chef Mi Casa?

Our chefs have varying levels of experience. Let’s say you just need an extra hand to prepare meals and clean up in the kitchen, you might consider a chef’s assistant. If you are looking to host an impressive gathering for your friends and family,  you might consider an experienced master chef. Our chefs are proficient in various cuisines as well, so you can try an Italian, Mexican or Indian cuisine chef to keep things interesting.

3. I have never had a personal chef before. What does a personal chef do?

A personal chef’s responsibilities include meal planning, shopping for groceries and ingredients, cooking and cleaning up after preparing meals. Personal chefs could cook a few days worth of meals or cook for special occasions. Many of our chefs would fall under the category of “cooks”, as in they are not necessarily trained or professionally qualified as chefs, but have a passion and expertise in cooking.

4. How much does a personal chef typically cost?

Personal chefs cost anywhere from $13-$45/hour (average $20/hour) depending on the city, type of service requested, experience etc. Source: www.payscale.com

5. What if the chef I hired does not do a good job and we don’t like the food?

Chef Mi Casa does not take responsibility for the quality of chefs. We will actively seek feedback on the chef’s work so as to maintain the quality of chefs on our platform. 3 or more negative reviews will result in removal of the chef from our platform.

6. What if we eat the food prepared by the chef and fall sick?

Chef Mi Casa does not take responsibility or liability for the food prepared by the personal chef. We only connect you with personal chefs and the remaining interaction between you and the chef is your responsibility.

7. Do you do background checks?

We can do a background check upon request. Background checks cost anywhere from $15-$50+ and they can get expensive quickly. As we are an early stage company trying to keep our costs low, we will do background checks upon request.

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